Frequently Asked Questions

Below, are the estimated shipping times for our products: 

  • Customized NOGGIN (eta 6 to 9 weeks) 
  • Blank NOGGIN (eta 3 to 4 weeks + shipping)
  • Patch NOGGIN (eta 3 to 4 weeks + shipping)

We would love to put your requested team logo, famous quote, or saying on your NOGGIN, but unfortunately we do not have the licensing to do so at this time. This includes the following leagues: 

  • NFL
  • MLB 
  • College Sports Teams - ex. Georgia, USC, etc. 
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLS 
  • Professional wrestling organizations 
  • Other sports organizations that exist both nationally and internationally
  • Quotes or sayings that come from people that are trademarked 

If you’re unsure about a design, please contact us at  

The good news is that we can still fulfill your order with one of the below options:   

  • We can ship a blank NOGGIN (eta 3 to 4 weeks + shipping)
  • We can ship a collection patch NOGGIN (eta 3 to 4 weeks + shipping)

Thank you for your support and understanding.

To find your size, measure around the largest part of your head with a tailor's tape measure.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction and all sales are final. Due to the customization features of Noggin Boss there will be no returns or exchanges allowed of any kind.  

All of our hats are oversized to help you stand out! But we offer two insert sizes for the interior of the hat to make sure your creation securely fits your noggin':

Small / Medium: 20" to 22"
Large / Extra Large: 22" to 24"